Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator


Suzanne Cohen is a filmmaker/educator with a background in producing documentary and animation for web and broadcast (‘Ice Cream and Jelly’ Channel 4).

She is a Digital Filmmaking lecturer at London Metropolitan University with extensive experience of delivering innovative and socially aware participatory film projects in museums, formal educational settings and in the community (Wellcome Collection, National Museums of Scotland, British Museum).

She regularly facilitates filmmaking programmes for Camden Summer University for which she was recently awarded Into Film Educator of the Year.

‘Transport for All?’ a documentary about disability access was requested by ITN having been produced by young people after only a couple of days training. Another of the projects for autistic young people based at the British Museum used iPads to bring statues and frescoes to life to create fictionalised first person stories inspired by the Pompeii exhibition.

Suzanne is passionate about working with marginalised groups to change public perceptions. Her documentary ‘Beautiful Sentence’ about an inspirational poet working in a women’s prison has been shown at the House of Commons as well as on TV, festivals and conferences around the world. A separate animated film made with women in the prison ‘You can be my Friend’ won a Koestler Trust Platinum Award.

She has been commissioned to make a number of animated films aimed at (and in collaboration with) young people including ‘The SNAC Promo’ and ‘Why I had an FGC’ a documentary for the UK Social Services using the real voices of vulnerable young people to persuade others to have family group conferencing (an intervention for youths on the child protection register or on the verge of offending).

The participatory documentary ‘Young People, Mental Health and the Media’ made with the support of the Time to Change campaign has been distributed to all the youth clubs in Camden as an educational tool.

Suzanne regularly curates and organises film events including the Camden Young People’s Film Festival at the British Museum.