Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Why I had a Family Group Conference

This fully animated documentary was commissioned by the (UK) social services and produced in collaboration with BSC Computer Animation students at London Metropolitan University.

The film is aimed at young people with child protection issues and those who are in danger of offending to persuade them of the benefits of Family Group Conferencing. This is a collaborative process in which families and social workers come together to make a plan to improve a young person’s situation. There can also be a restorative justice aspect if the young person has been involved in anti social behavior.

Character animation was used to protect the identities of the interviewees – young people who had benefited from having an FGC, while engaging the target audience. The documentary also features a short drama about a young person who decides to have an FGC and manages to get his life back on track.

A focus group of young people from Camden advised and gave feedback during the production.