Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Participatory Film in Action #1

Participatory Film in Action 1

Description of event attended by 100 people on 2nd May 2013 at London Metropolitan University:

Curated by London Met Digital Media lecturer and filmmaker Suzanne Cohen, the event features discussions with two accomplished filmmakers in the expanding field of participatory documentary.

Lisa Fingleton has over twenty years experience working in a creative and collaborative way with community groups. Outside I’m Singing is a year long project with Ireland’s only lesbian choir, and documents the process of creating a musical with an incredible group of women and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome to sing out and proud.

In Sari Stories, Sue Sudbury collaborates with a group of young women in rural India who have been trained to make videos, allowing the viewer an unprecedented view of life in many Indian villages – a world of child marriage, child labour and domestic abuse. An uplifting and at times humorous film, it tells the story of how these women are using technology to challenge tradition and transform their lives.