Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Stories of Muslim Women in Sports

The documentary takes a look at how fashion, specialist women’s groups and cultural values have adapted to enable Muslim women to get involved in a range of sports, from cycling to boxing. It was filmed and produced by a group of young Muslim women with support from youth research charity Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), London Metropolitan University and the Women’s Library.

The short documentary film, inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, brings together archival research and interviews with different generations of Muslim women, to preserve their voices for future generations as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded Young Roots project.

I worked on the project as a film facilitator and editor along with my colleague Dr Jenny Harding at London Metropolitan University.

Interviews with the filmmakers can be found on The People’s Record website, where they also discuss their opinions on the Olympics and female boxing.

A short video about the Muslim Women and Sports event at the Women’s Library: