Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Out of Time

A poetic film telling the story of a young woman who moves in to the new Arsenal stadium complex after the death of her father and experiences a new lease of life. This is intercut with a parallel story about how the fans feel about Highbury, the old stadium and the move to the new Emirates stadium.

I had personal connections with both the stadiums. My father was an Arsenal fan and had been to Highbury as a boy. I also knew people whose lives had been affected by the building of the new stadium; locals who didn’t want it to happen and teachers who had been given the chance to live in the new flats built inside the Emirates complex.
As I began filming the old stadium at Highbury I sympathised with the sense of loss the fans felt and drew a parallel in the film with my feelings about the death of my father.

The film was selected for the BBC Network site: