Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Camden Summer University Young People’s Film Festival

Annual screening at the British Museum of short films, animations and documentaries made by 14 – 19 year olds at Camden Summer University organized by Suzanne Cohen.

Filming in Prisons

An article about filming in prisons and the making of the the documentary ‘Beautiful Sentence’

Review of ‘Beautiful Sentence’

A review by Spectra after the screening of the documentary at the London Feminist Film Festival

Sporting Sisters: Stories of Muslim Women and Sports

Article about Muslim Women’s Participation in Sport inspired by the documentary screening at the Women’s Library

Background to the documentary

Interviews with the young Muslim women who made the documentary for the People’s Record

Channel 4: Self Portrait UK

Digital imaging and traditional printmaking techniques were used to create self-portraits with a group of 16 – 19 year olds on a BTEC Diploma in Multimedia at Westminster Kingsway College. Eleven of the young people were selected for the Self Portrait UK competition, which was displayed in a touring exhibition and presented at the National Portrait Gallery and on the London Underground.

Partnered by Channel 4, the National Portrait Gallery and Arts Council England, Self Portrait UK invited people of all ages to create and send in their own self-portrait and become part of a major touring exhibition that provided a real insight into the eclectic mix of identities from across the UK.

Participatory Film in Action

Free film screening and Q&A with two accomplished filmmakers in the expanding field of participatory documentary.

In Sari Stories, Sue Sudbury collaborates with a group of young women in rural India who have been trained to make videos, allowing the viewer an unprecedented view of life in many Indian villages – a world of child marriage, child labour and domestic abuse. An uplifting and at times humorous film, it tells the story of how these women are using technology to challenge tradition and transform their lives.

Lathe in Sari Stories