Suzanne Cohen Filmmaker and Educator

Presenting at The Social Media Exchange 2015


Workshop on mobile filmmaking by Suzanne Cohen.

The Social Media Exchange celebrates the power of digital storytelling and the impact it has to positively change the world around us. This event, organised by digital media training company Sounddelivery is a series of bitesized interactive masterclasses, practical creative surgeries and networking opportunities to help charities navigate the changing media landscape – both on and offline – and exploit the opportunities available to tell your stories. With 20+ sessions available you will be able to pick and mix to create your own training plan. Sessions will be led by staff from BBC News, BBC Radio Four BBC News, BBC Radio Four, JustGiving, Save the Children, sounddelivery, MNDA and more.

Filming in Prisons

An article about filming in prisons and the making of the the documentary ‘Beautiful Sentence’

Review of ‘Beautiful Sentence’

A review by Spectra after the screening of the documentary at the London Feminist Film Festival